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belly, the belly is bulging and thick, sits the fat between the intestinal loops. This is especially for men to watch. Increasing age, increased beer consumption and high calorific food can steadily grow his belly. Diets are mostly useless, because it eliminates not fat in the gut snares. The Australian scientist Kristy Curtis has published catalogue of measures for the targeted treatment of abdominal fat. So you can take off on the belly.

make sure that you remain in motion

any type of exercise that increases your heart rate such as, for example, jogging, cycling, or swimming helps to reduce belly fat. All forms of structured training in the course of the day are quite beneficial, however the expert recommends a balanced approach. Too many sessions of a particular exercise can lead to congestion and associated injuries, such as inflammation in the tendons and joints and muscle strains. A training plan should include a so-called resistance training at least two to three times per week. If the body has built up muscles, this supports reduces the bones, what prevents osteoporosis and heart disease and weight.

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monitor your caloric intake

If you want to lose weight, you can ensure in a simple way that you eat no more than your body needs. Weight loss is based on the principle of a calorie deficit, this means that more energy must be burned than consumed. A total calorie deficit of 7,700 calories is associated with a weight loss of one kilogram, says the expert. That makes clear how many food in everyday life must be saved to actually lose weight.

you can reduce your sugar and the intake of refined carbohydrates

sugar and refined carbohydrates have absolutely no nutritional benefits and are something like empty calories. Sugar has a devastating effect on the blood sugar and insulin in the blood, it leads to a sharp drop to a strong increase and then after some time. Insulin is a hormone that promotes the storage of fat and inhibits the ability to burn fat. If the insulin level is kept low, the body can burn fat properly.

use any additional possibility to move

while a workout routine is essential, there are always ways to burn extra calories. Physical activity or Thermogenesis without activity (N.E.A.T) is an easy way to make a contribution to the number of calories burned in the course of a day. If you use, for example, the stairs instead of the elevator, this can help to burn extra calories.

adhere to a protein-rich diet

a diet rich in protein is essential for building muscle. Muscles are tissue, which burns more calories during the rest periods. You have more lean muscle mass, burn more calories and you can put more food into. Protein can come from meat sources such as red or white meat or seafood, it may be cheese and yogurt but also about dairy products and eggs, to himself.

vegan sources of protein include, for example, soy products, legumes, beans, green leafy vegetables, Edamame beans and tempeh. You should take daily 0.8 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you regularly do strength training, you should take quiet more protein to himself. Another advantage is that proteins are digested slowly, this leads to a prolonged saturation.

eat after your workout properly

when we get to the workout sweat, we can develop a true food cravings, this will often cause that unhealthy foods are consumed. She should eat a snack or a meal within one hour of training, the expert advises. The cells in the body are ready to receive a nutritious meal, which should contain proteins, carbohydrates and fat, so that all essential macronutrients are covered after the workout.

watch your alcohol intake

it may be incredibly tempting to celebrate on the weekends and to drink alcohol, especially if you ate healthy and trained during the week. Calories from alcohol have no nutritional value and contribute to excess fat in the abdominal region or belly fat, explains the expert. The consumption of alcohol must be managed carefully so that you sabotage not your progress is hard-won from Monday to Friday. Alcohol can be disastrous for the weight, because alcohol is made from sugar and starch. Alcohol contains many calories, seven calories per gram, almost as much as pure fat.

simple trick: longer smell the food!

the scientists of the University of South Florida in its current investigation found that two minutes breathing and smelling of greasy food sufficient to deter people from one such high-calorie meal. The physician published the results of their study in the English-language journal “Journal of marketing research”. (as)