fly a drone through the air to let, can not only provide spectacular images, but also extremely fun. However, the matter could be even funnier if you don’t constantly would a controller in your hand while holding. It has thought the company EEGSmart and the so-called UDrone on the market. At first glance, the small Quadrocopter looks plenty unspectacular. The integrated camera is likely not really excite professionals. Taxes can be a relatively simple the drone with the Smartphone. But mostly the second control option is interesting: the supplied UMind Lite headset allows to control the flying object, without having to use their hands.

image: EEGSmart

the mind-control system works amazingly easy

to the technical device behind the ears must be clamped, that runs the front strut on the forehead along. A bit, it then looks like you would wear a Google glass glasses – but without glasses. The headset measures then a whole series of data. Starting with the electrical activity within the brain of the movements of the eyes and to the activity of certain muscles. To finally to take control of the drone, the headset with the Smartphone app must be connected. Then the drone in the “mind control”mode can be switched and here we go: the height of the flight can be changed then focusing the mind.

even the camera can be operated with the eye

where is flown however, decide the head movements. Relative curves is simple. Here goes: turning the head to the left, flies also the UDrone in this direction. On the question of whether to fly forwards or backwards, then opposite does the trick. Is pointed upwards, the views he’s flying Quadrocopter after front. This seems at first glance to be some getting used. Through targeted blink also the built-in camera can be enable and it can shot images or videos shot. To be financed should the series production of special drone via Crowdfunding. Early supporters can purchase on the platform the drone and the headset for $279 kick starter from the 12th of March.

via: new Atlas

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