she initially triggered a huge hype in the United States and were then more and more criticism: electric scooter to borrow as they about the companies offer bird and lime. In Germany, the companion only on private premises may be used. This should change with the Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge regulation but promptly. Reason enough to watch the experiences from the United States once more. There, the hospitals found that the number of accidents involving electric scooters has greatly increased. This is likely but not really surprising. Finally, also the number of users has increased. It is interesting, however, that the significant majority of the accidents were not caused by collisions.


cars react sensitively to bumps and other road users so pose no great danger. Rather, Schlaglächer and similar irregularities become a problem. This is not least due to the small wheels of the scooter, making them less robust than about bicycles. The experience, missing values in particular new users often resulting in falls. Also, the problem worsened if the drivers have drunk alcohol or taken drugs. So two hospitals have evaluated the data in detail and came to the conclusion that the 249 people were treated after a scooter accident, were proud 48 percent higher than the alcohol level for driving. 52 percent tested positive in addition to illegal drugs. Both may have impacted negatively on the driving ability.

also electric bicycles brought more accidents

this would suggest, that most accidents happen at night. But contradicted by a study of the “centers for disease control” in the United States, which has conducted appropriate investigations in Austin in the U.S. State of Texas. Therefore, the accident spread evenly throughout the day. But here evident: not motorists, but poor roads are the main dangers for drivers of electric scooters. A detailed report will be presented in the next few weeks. Electric scooters, however, are not the only mobility innovation, which brought an increase in the number of accidents with it. The same is true also for electric bicycles and Pedelecs. The main reason here: The overestimation of one’s skills.

via: Electrek

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