sex addiction impaired impulse control or compulsive behavior are

hyper-sexual, in the vernacular of sex addicts, as “Casanova” admired or morally condemned. It is however an addiction, an obsessive-compulsive behavior, or an impaired impulse control. Like most addictions, it is connected with suffering.

there is the disease of sex addiction?

the addictive of behavior is that those concerned over a period of time (can) lose control of their sexual behaviour and change it though it has serious negative consequences. It’s so actually a pathological behavior – an addiction.

Hypersexuality rises less an increased sexual desire, but rather serves to escape life problems, until eventually the addiction itself is a problem. (Image: mariesacha/

what are possible consequences?

Hypersexuality is the first visible negative effects in interpersonal relationships. Who wants to get the partner of best friend to bed excessively, crosses the runway’s relationship to the girlfriend or copulating with the own partner the own criss -cross through the area without consultation – or stand alone at some point.

consequences in the profession

affected may lose their job too. Be it that they sexually invade colleagues, unless this interest is based on reciprocity, it was that they neglected their professional duty by their sexual behavior. For example, affected hover at night in clubs and land in foreign beds and are sleepy at work. Or they spend their time on Web forums for sexual contact.

inner emptiness, loneliness and neglect

those concerned are not “confident daredevils”, in contrast to what some outsiders think. It is rather a sense of inner emptiness and to escape this inner emptiness, you are looking for a kick through sex. Despair and fear, to be with their own counter space positive input the diseased sex – as well as with alcoholism alcohol.

symptoms of hyper sexuality

leading symptoms of “sex addiction” are high adult use (several hours a day), constant masturbation and frequent partner changes.

The similarity to other addictions is

addiction that this behavior by those affected can not be controlled. As an alcoholic hiding his brandy in the inside pocket and secretly drinks, the hyper sexual on the operating room watch pornographic movies on the Smartphone. Like other addicts, hyper sexual neglect other interests and necessary things: not clean up her apartment, do not pay their rent, and above all do not care about their partnership.

with myths occupied

excessive sexual behavior is filled with myths: people who are sexually unsuccessful or stay for unattractive, often admire those who find it easy to make sexual contacts. People with restrictive sexual mores, however, hold frequent partner changes for “Sin”.

No disease

polyamory is more the term hyper sexuality must not be used. Flags are not polyamory and not a promiscuous stage – but the addictive, the dependency and escape from the sense of inner emptiness.

is crucial control

psychologists are today largely agreed that for a hyper sexual disorder not the number of partners and sexual contacts crucial is, but the control of sexual behavior. Stakeholders realize that they have lost this control, then the nature of addiction.

sex as an escape

“reward those affected” with sex, so Dodge life questions, compensate for failures in the profession or bad experiences of the past.

fear of close

a nurse commented on the sex addiction of a person with the words: “This is also a form of impotence.” Indeed, the most sick have afraid to admit the closeness and intimacy. Sex is impersonal for her and as soon as it develops a loving attachment to the sexual partner, they disappear and are looking for the next. An affected party ran in a panic from a club, when he saw that where six women were, with whom he had jumped in the bed, and that he had then left.


how it addictive?

the causes of hyper sexuality differ from person to person. Sometimes profound mental problems underlying her: trauma and sexual abuse in childhood. Often it is but to a creeping learned behavior as well as other addictions. Affected parties begin to compensate for boredom with sex. The mass of pornography on the Internet makes it very easy. Also the biological requirement can in play: people with strong sex drive would be accordingly higher looks vulnerable.


Hypersexuality can, but must not be part of the symptoms of other disorders. People with a borderline personality disorder or bipolar show so often hyper-sexual behaviour in their manic phase. Also be combined with other addictions increasing occurs: abuse of substances – alcoholism or addiction to drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

What do


is first of all important for those affected to admit having a problem. This sounds easier than it is, because Hyper-sexual behavior is just an escape, to put not deal with life problems. Then, it comes to seek therapeutic help.

what can families do?

members should talk openly with those concerned about the problem and neither morally condemn this behavior nor sugarcoat. They should convey the person concerned especially that they appreciate them as human beings, and they prove nothing to them.

Hypersexuality can

therapies against Hypersexuality handle only individually, since the individual causes differ widely. Because it is a behavioural disorder, promises a behavior therapy at the most success. Here, people learn to control their impulses and to displace problems no longer sexual stimuli. In addition, they learn to allow close.

it’s not about abstinence

In contrast to substance abuse it’s not about to stop those affected to abstinence. Sex is not for Hyper sexual such as a liquor bottle for an alcoholic. It rather comes to control their own sexuality, so that again causes Lust instead of suffering for those affected.

rising dose for each drug

with substance abuse Hypersexuality has in common, increasing the dose to get the kick. Initially problems can be with sex actually momentarily displace, but the impact and the problems remain unresolved. The affected now increase their sexual contacts and repeat their sexual actions and feel internally empty despite dozens of Devon-stands and hundreds of consumed porn.

The addiction is

withdrawal symptoms

also that those affected suffer withdrawal. Without sex, if only for a limited time, they are aggressive, depressed, or nervous.

approach to the problem

Hypersexuality is a displacement behavior. In the therapy it comes now, to get to the real problem and work on it. Sufferers feel worthless or discriminated against? They suffer from a father complex, they have fear of loss? Is in fact a strong depressive illness behind the behavior?

nymphs and satyrs were

satyr in Greek mythology mixed beings from men and goat goats and characterised by an animal wool lust. You were the nymphs to fairy-like female beings, and kopulierten with them, always the two met.

Satyriasis and Nymphomania are obsolete terms for sexually active men and women. However, the increased sexual desire thus described, those affected are open living, has with an addiction, so a pathological behavior, nothing to do. (Dr. UTZ Anhalt)