with the C2 Pro Reolink a new 5MP PTZ dual-band Wi-Fi security camera for indoor use launched. As a successor to the black version, debuting the C2 Pro with new features. Small main delicacies are doing the pan & tilt & zoom function as well as the 2-way audio communication possibility. We have once more looked at new Reolink interior camera and tested for you.

Reolink C2 Pro functions

  • 5MP Super HD for clear pictures & videos
  • 355 ° Pan & 105° tilt for greater field of vision
  • 3 x optical zoom for more image details
  • 2.4/5 GHz frequency range for stable Wi-Fi
  • high quality IR-na chtsicht file storage to FTP up to 12 m
  • live stream & remote access via app/PC/browser
  • 2-way audio for listening & counter call alerts via push messages/email
  • works
  • real-time with NVR for 24/7 recording
  • / SD card/NAS possible

Reolink app downloads

installation and Wi-Fi

operated the C2 Pro by Reolink with ordinary power cable. The battery-powered Reolink the name Argus and is intended as outdoor camera. We have already tested them for you. As regards the wiring of C2 Pro, but simple and easy to hide them. The installation can be designed very flexibly. Can the security camera by Reolink so without drilling to… put on the shelf or freeze but also via the supplied mounting bracket to the wall. Thanks to the communication over the local Wi-Fi network, the put the plug into the power outlet then also already done. Connecting to the Wi-Fi you can choose free frequency band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. On the C2 Pro indoor camera two antennas are installed, so that the signal can be received well.

PTZ: pan & tilt & zoom

even though the camera is quite small and inconspicuous, fitted them with useful features. Horizontal up to 355 degrees and vertically up to 105 degrees Reolink C2 Pro is rotatable. Still can be zoomed out 3-fold approach respectively. The optical zoom is commendable. Compared to the security cameras for the Interiorusing only a digital zoom, the enlarged images of C2 Pro are pretty sharp. However, you hear what’s not bothering the zoom. To make the camera orientation, you install only the best German-language app on your Smartphone, add the Reolink and then conveniently via finger position. This saves you the constant search of the place of installation of the camera. The zoom function then more later in the test.

5MP resolution and infrared night vision up to 12 meter

the 5MP resolution meet at a such a small camera. Finally you want to print not necessarily individual images to poster size. Who stores pictures on your Smartphone, which can enlarge them well in the photos app. The image is not pixelated, so also the faces of people from another distance are still recognizable. The whole thing works fine even up to 12 meters in the night or in the dark. Reolink C2 Pro detects automatically when the light conditions and switches accordingly in the infrared night vision mode . Everything is so gray but still clearly visible. This served to the IP camera their-the lens around positionierten-LED lights, the red lights. The light no longer bothers because it hardly exudes. The following pictures show looks like the whole thing in comparison.

Reolink C2 Pro camera image during the day
Reolink C2 Pro camera image at night

live view, interactive communication and notification when inconsistencies

the advanced eye Reolink C2 Pro IP camera is the its own Smartphone. On the Reolink-Smartphone app, the camera image can be obtained easily. This works not only in the domestic four walls, but also on the way and the holidays out. You can easy and step by step instructions to create your own “Server” and name them accordingly for rooms or similar. Can be reached by means of simple finger within the Reolink app to the camera live stream view. This is what is acceptable (approx. 2 seconds), slightly delayed. Should the dog stupid make sense once again, when they are not in the room, then the talk function quite practically. With pressing the talk button can be seen just to the small whuffie. Also a alarm function is integrated. It is straight on the road, can be inform themselves via push notification, once the registered security camera C2 Pro movements. This works in real time via a message on the phone or by E-Mail.

local storage, and 24/7 video recording

Reolink C2 Pro has a SD card slot, a local records store on the device. To remove the SD card as the nasty burglar but spot which would have the possibility, to discover the camera, and thus to destroy evidence, also the option of the camera records on an FTP server is to store. Allows to connect will also record and monitor the Reolink NVR interface around the clock. It is handy that can access up to 20 users (1 admin & 19 user accounts) on the camera. As long as the Admin allows access. A total up to 12 simultaneous video streams are possible (10 x Substream & 2 x mainstream).

the video

that have the test

Reolink C2 Pro security camera after unboxing the camera Pan mode we them tried according to set up. We have connected for this purpose camera first the new IP to the mains. In the next step we have loaded (there is only an app for all Reolink cameras) the Reolink app for iOS on our iPhone. Then first of all, within the app, we have been advised that the camera via QR code can be read. We have chosen this feature, unfortunately, no connection could be established this. We have repeated this process several times and brought also another Smartphone. Also unsuccessfully. Also the manual input of the small printed code, brought no success. Finally, the connection with the Smartphone came when we dined the camera using the Ethernet cable. We don’t know why reading QR code didn’t work. Maybe a little app update has to be added here. All in all then, but smoothly continued. In the next step, we have set up our server and could then even accessing the live image. The quality was initially sobering. “To 5MP it is?” I asked. Click on the box above right we came then on the quality levels and so I hired (Super HD) for the first time on high resolution. The result was significantly better. Hereby you can work. The zoom function is useful and important in my opinion. Finally, while much space but little ‘person’ is visible in the simple presentation. In the double or triple zoom I have that I rather liked. By means of control, also the Zoom can be operated in addition to the direction, manually via the Smartphone app. I noticed that the camera at the maximum zoom on an object gets focus problems. The lens works and rattles, the picture remains blurry at first but still. With a small zoom out, remedy is provided this fact however. The zoomed image is still sufficient. Pretty handy, I find the ability to place points in the space. So you can save as “Children’s corner”, for example, setting 1 setting 2 as “Couch” and setting 3 as “Dining area and balcony door”. After the Pan was each once manually set up per app, these positions in the sequence are stored. The fixed point is captured automatically and with the according to safety Zoom image by tapping on “Dining area and balcony door”. A further tap on “Children’s corner” automatically causes the camera to this position again to switch to. It is still practical, also, that camera from Reolink automatically toggles the IP under adverse light conditions in the leniency mode. Of course, the zoom noises are audible due to the optical zoom. That’s not tragic.


Reolink C2 Pro IP camera comes with a chic and unimposing design. The two antennas give a certain charming character, but also provide a stable connection. Overall, the new features convince the C2 Pro and the handling and the institution, as well as control via Smartphone app is simple and self-explanatory. Initially, only the problem with the connection. However, this could simply and be resolved as described. Thanks to the optical zoom, the camera records good images during the day and in the night vision mode. The images of the IP camera can be stored via app in the photostream of the Smartphone. There is also the possibility to send images directly within the Reolink app via message or email. Auch is the possibility to share the photos on Instagram. WhatsApp is not supported so far, which is however to bear. Finally here is an additional feature which can be compensated by sending in the photo library on your own Smartphone. With the C2 Pro IP camera from Reolink enthusiasts are well advised to find a modern Wi-Fi camera that has good basic functions and provides a clear picture. We are satisfied with the security camera, and use it in the long term test.

price and availability

the Reolink C2 Pro indoor camera can be purchased first directly at Reolink for 101,36 euro. There is also the possibility to buy a double pack. This beats then with 202,72 euros. Currently, the latest IP camera from the House of Reolink is not yet available. Email can be notified but, as soon as shipments on the way can be brought back.

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