the patient, who is currently hospitalized, suffered severe burns. A quarter of his skin has been destroyed. The wounds are treated and connected to prevent infections. Because such wounds need a half eternity to heal the patient of later skin graft taken from his own or a donor receives. This is painful and rejection are not excluded following the transfer of alien skin.

image: screen shot video of Wake Forest Institute of regenerative medicine (WFIRM); Wound of the dummy arm is measured before printing.

new skin from own cells

as it is today. Tomorrow, it looks completely different. As soon as the patient is more or less stabilised, skin cells will be derived in a small biopsy him. They are mixed with a Hydrogel, which is a bio-compatible plastic that contains large amounts of water. The result is an ink-like fluid that fills in the cartridge of a 3D printer. The mobile device is rolled to the patient. An integrated scanner detected the outlines of the burn and go. The burned area will be printed with skin ink, layer by layer. The cells are fixed and can grow. The result is a new skin. Rejection is not to fear, because there are cells of the patient.

3D printer is skin cells on a wound. It’s not a human arm, but a prosthesis. Image: Screenshot video Wake Forest Institute of regenerative medicine (WFIRM) is

mobility uniquely

the device have researchers of the Wake Forest Institute for regenerative medicine (WFIRM) in Winston-Salem in the U.S. State of North Carolina developed. “Whose mobility is unique to this technology,” says Sean Murphy, an Assistant Professor at the WFIRM. This protects the patient, because it spared him the transport in an operating room. Not only fire victims can benefit from the typography of the skin, but also people with bad or no healing ulcers. Of which diabetics are often affected. The treatment is time-consuming and therefore expensive. The printer will reduce drastically the costs. The device could be used also with war injuries, even in a mobile hospital. Up to 30 percent of the victims suffered burns, as Murphy.

tests on living people are available at

so far, Murphy has tested the device on trafficking with success. Now first attempts are on with real injuries, but only those with minor wounds. The device can be approved until this series of tests is completed.

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