NAP for high blood pressure?

a small NAP at noon leads not only to an improvement in the mood and new energy, it is according to a recent study, with a significant drop of in blood pressure in connection. Researchers compared the effects of low-dose antihypertensive drugs held while lowering of blood pressure.

the scientists of the Asclepieion General Hospital at its current investigation found that a short nap during the day can provide the same benefits in lowering blood pressure, also by low-dose antihypertensive Medicines are achieved. The physician published the results of their study at the 68th annual scientific session of the American College of cardiology.

can NAP really contribute to a lowering of the blood pressure? (Image: Daniel Ernst /

NAP as effectively as drugs?

NAP seems to lower blood pressure in the same order of magnitude as other lifestyle changes, experts say. For example, reducing the intake of salt and alcohol can lower blood pressure, mmHg to three to five, says study author of Manolis Callistratus of the Asclepieion of General Hospital in Voula in Greece. For comparison: low dose antihypertensive drugs lower blood pressure to five to seven mm Hg on average.

how NAP greatly reduced the blood pressure?

a total a NAP was mmHg connected during the day with a drop in average blood pressure of five, which is comparable to the opinion of researchers with the, what you would expect from other known antihypertensive action. In addition decreased by three mmHg systolic blood pressure on average per 60 minutes NAP. “These results are important because a drop in blood pressure by up to two mmHg can reduce the risk for cardiovascular events such as a heart attack by up to ten percent”, Callistratus is explained in a press release of the American College of cardiology.

the findings of the study following someone who’s taking a NAP during the day, can achieve benefits in lowering his high blood pressure. This is the first study to the prospective assessment of the influence of BAUGHT on the blood pressure of people whose blood pressure adequately controlled, the research team reports. Previously, the team noted that it was connected to NAP with a lower blood pressure and the use of less antihypertensive drugs in patients with very high blood pressure value.

212 subjects for the study were investigated

“the higher the blood pressure, is more pronounced the effort to lower the blood pressure. Through the involvement of people with relatively well controlled blood pressure we can be safe that significant differences in the values of blood pressure is probably attributable to the NAP “, explains Callistratus. The study examined 212 subjects with a mean blood pressure by 129,9 mmHg. Average were those participating at the age of 62 years and slightly more than half female. About one in four subjects was smoking and / or suffered from type 2 diabetes. The physicians rated and drew blood pressure in their study for 24 hours continuously, the NAP time (the average time was 49 minutes), the life habits (such as alcohol, coffee and salt intake, physical activity) and which so-called pulse wave velocity, a measure of the stiffness in the arteries. The participants wore an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, blood pressure during daily life on a regular basis to measure and monitor. Also an ultrasound of the heart conducted during the study an Echocardiogram. (as)