. However, men have more zones, through which they can feel like.

have you, for example, ever heard of the male g-spot? Basically, virtually every part of the body can be used to make feel (sexual) desire. Therefore more than just relaxation can be experienced through sensitive tactile touch.

an important sense: odors for the beginning of desire

If you feel the natural body odor in your gaze as pleasant, this is usually a good sign when choosing a partner. In fact, smell can be not only pleasant, but also sexually exciting. In particular during the cycle, women for men smell differently so that the difference is often concisely to notice. In addition to familiarity, one reason for the beginning of pleasure is also the fact that the smell differs from the own smell elementary after a smelling of the partner.

perfect for foreplay: approach to hair & scalp, neck & neck

wife kissing neck | © panthermedia.net / William Attard McCarthy

wife kissing neck | © panthermedia.net / William Attard McCarthy

sex does not mean to understand the process provided by the society as a typical. Would a man / a woman sexually arouse a man, is accessible at the prelude to a hair / scalp massage, which enforced up to the neck and neck. Gentle and slightly stronger touch get the juices flowing and can be the first step for more.

to delight: hands & feet, belly & back

you want to pamper your loved one before lovemaking, can both the hands and the feet be considered as erogenous zones. Stimulation points, which can be obtained from the massage to put (more) pleasure the man are particularly on the feet. Massaging each individual toe, for example in the brain can cause an increase in libido. Moreover the cavity of the foot massage, the man can relax and completely forget the stress of everyday life.

often left aside: the nipples

unlike as in many films are not only the woman’s nipples erogen. Men can look at these highly erogenous zone. Whether your partner at the touch of your nipples has an increased libido, you can find out by trial and error or asking for. No less part of men can really come through oral and tactile touch drive.

all around the penis

magnifying glass shows on penis | © panthermedia.net / Andriy Popov

magnifying glass shows on penis | © panthermedia.net / Andriy Popov

the penis is not only a whole, but is made up of several factors, which can give pleasure to the man. First, the main body of the penis is to name a few: the shaft. This swells during arousal. It may cause while touching the well-being, a man this can not be brought to orgasm usually however. The head of the penis is called the Glans and is the most sensitive point of the entire penis. This much pleasure can be procured at this point through different clock resolution.

for some of you, it can be quite unknown that also the urethra can be described as an erogenous zone. A slight stimulation orgasm at an early stage can bring.

the male equivalent of the female G-Punkts: the prostate

for many men is the prostate only as medical factor in the food item, since these should be examined regularly from the age of 31. That prostate but also great desire wrap under the urinary bladder and the urethra can produce, is not many people familiar with. The stimulation of the prostate, which is about five centimeters in front of the anus entrance, can lead to more intensive, internal orgasms of the man.

there are many different types of stimulation. Not every person is open to these practices, therefore a consent should prevail before carrying out basically. With the necessary precautions and hygiene, this hidden part of the body can give much pleasure.