soon it is so far, then Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge may curve quite legally on our streets. The necessary legal approval is on the way. In other cities, there are already leihbare E-scooter for a new kind of personal transport, which is much more environmentally friendly, but not without problems.

E scooters in San Francisco / photo: screenshot from YouTube video below

a practical vehicle that is easy to gathert

use the short term rental from E scooters appears as a interesting way to regulate the urban transport. Of course is only a variant of many more that one day together will form an image. The scooter placed throughout the city can be unlock by app and then immediately use to flit just from A to B – at least, if you have much luggage. The devices are small and easy to use, a special athleticism is not needed. You can also wonderfully space accommodated, finally no free surfaces in excess of the available in our cities.

chaos digitization defeat

Unfortunately became apparent in Paris, Vienna and Brussels, the scooter can cause quite chaos. The blossoming everywhere scooter stations blocked bicycle stand there and created real obstacle routes on the sidewalk. This effect could be avoided by an intelligent digitalisation, performed best of the cities themselves. If fixed ranges are divided for the rental stations and every scooter can be digital places, rule violations can better be punished. There is also the opportunity to analyze the use of vehicles to make traffic improvements. The battery charge and the other technical condition could also easily remotely monitor, to prevent that defective or discharged scooter stand idle.

in the video: San Francisco still has some issues with nimble scooters

it would be desirable to place the scooter in busy downtown areas, but also in urban outdoor areas, where public transport is more likely through Absence of shines. In this way, you can better tie a small piece of less-favoured areas. Overall a smart idea that just another good piece must be ingenious.


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