Klemens Jakob lives his personal dream: as already reported trends of the future, he built a stand-alone cottage with lovely 18 square meters of living space and a connected in their own work Greenhouse. Electricity and water connection do not need this building, also it works from the inside due to the many Windows and high ceilings amazingly big. The resourceful man gladly welcomes visitors who want to look at his project. And he surprised us with a special offer now: If you like, can build this home with a kit.

the finished House in the inhabited State / Photo: screenshot from YouTube video below

the system can personalise according desire

is the name of the small company which performs together with a few companions, Klemens Jakob ownworld, the House is called ownhome. The kit, which is based on Holzrahmensteckteilen, 60,000 euros and can be even by a single person alone. But the team also helps build. Also, the insulation and the complete technology are included. The 18 square meters are too small, which can combine two or three kits or change certain details. To create a larger or simply more individual retreat, represents absolutely no problem. Also, this practical invention ownworld sees as a future open-source project, which will be made after a certain maturing of the public.

as the self-sufficiency ownhome

system wastewater is cleaned by means of a wetland, the toilet works waterless without resulting odors. Urine and feces can be used as fertilizer. Power supplies the PV plant, which is coupled to a 7 kilowatt lead as power storage. The internal energy network is switched to DC; the wood stove, which also serves as a water heater provides warmth. In the sun-drenched greenhouse it is warm already 26 degrees in February, the heater has so not so much to do. The Aquaponik plant supplies the ownhome residents with vegetables and delicious fish.

check it out simply:

a central ownworld motto of: “Enjoy life with a good conscience.” Includes, to use no more resources than necessary, and to create his own living conditions themselves. The self-sufficiency the client achieves a large independence and feels at the same time more connected with the forces of nature surrounding it.

source: https://ownworld.org/

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