recall of the contraceptive pill drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol of the pharmaceutical manufacturer “Apotex Corporation”

currently warns the U.S. food and Drug Administration for the monitoring of foodstuffs just before two pills with different batches. The manufacturer has meanwhile prompted a callback to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Contraceptive pill from trading calls

manufacturer. (Image: Wolfilser/

important callback launched

quickly, safely and easily: many women rely on hormonal methods of contraception. No wonder – the birth control pill in real revenue and application usually ensures reliable protection against pregnancy. However, this callback should be observed.

unsafe contraception due to manufacturer error

currently recalls batches of birth control pills the U.S. Food Administration for the monitoring of foodstuffs. Unwanted pregnancies can occur because the effect could be toned down. Four batches of drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol of manufacturer “Apotex Corporation” are affected, as the platform for health “” reported. The pills were incorrectly arranged according to the food and drug administration. In some pill packaging, only empty blister shells are included. Thus it can happen that patients not take a pill and thus inadvertently trigger a pregnancy by not preventing effect.

after the US authorities such a case had not occurred so far still. However women who already took the pill or are not sure whether they had a pill, should contact to their obstetricians and Gynecologists, or at least the general practitioner. The product can be returned to the local pharmacy.

against reimbursement of the purchase price or a new pack of a different lot. The company “Apotex Corporation” writes on its website: “people should not interrupt your therapy, use a non-hormonal method for the prevention of births, contact their doctor medical advice to get, and the affected packages to their Pharmacists give back”.

Taking the pill is also always independently linked to side effects from the Rückruf-

side effects of birth control pills

. So, the hormonal therapy can lead to weight gain, headache. It is also known that a high risk of thrombosis risks with birth control pills. The pill is a hormonal contraceptive method, which can have consequences for the psyche of the users. (sb)