still no gentleman – because at least as important as men’s jackets and pants are the matching shoes. Unkempt, ausgelatschte or dirty treads can be as cheap disguise appear every so nice outfit and quickly disappear every so positive first impression. Not only in the eyes of the women’s world, but also in business terms according to occasion suit shoes are therefore absolute obligation.

in the best case man opts for a custom-made shoe leather horse. But even those of you who can not afford that luxury, will surely find an appropriate model on the cheaper shoe market. Enough knowledge about business rules and enough patience at the fitting are however essential, to find the perfect shoe.

we explain what to consider when buying and how you then enjoy your suit shoes the following.

step 1: the occasion according to select materials, design and color

regardless of what you like to wear in his spare time, to get into the business world not to leather shoes around. artificial leather or rubber soles have lost nothing in the Office! instead every style-conscious man should opt for shoes from high-quality leather upper, which also have a leather sole and thus produce a good sound when walking.

when the shoe model usually has the choice between six constructions. For pretty much any occasion suitable Oxford – a smooth shoe with a plain leather Cap. It goes with casual sports jackets as well as to fine tuxedos. Also the full-Broguewhich stands by its hole pattern on CAP and wings, can be combined ideally on different occasions. The semi Brogue or Derby are sportier variants, which enjoy especially in younger men of great popularity. Shoe design he is is a very convenient, but unfortunately belongs exclusively to the leisure area of loafers . The However, monk is a shoe with buckles, which although not to conservative meetings should be worn for normal everyday life in the Office but completely in order.

in principle you should consider so previously, for whatever occasion you want to mainly use the shoe and accordingly choose a design which corresponds to the own type as well as the rules of etiquette. The same also applies to the colour of the shoes: a black shoe is as good as ever and belongs in every shoe wardrobe. Brown models are suitable particularly well in combination with blue, grey or brown suits and are currently very fashionable. However, they are more casual than black models and may be worn only until 18: 00 in conservative circles.

step 2: find the right size three shoe models | © / Elnur_

three shoe models | © / Elnur_

it has now opted for a shoe model, it is mainly on one: the right size. A shoe that pushes at the fitting, will be never really comfortable. Worse still, because he can cause long wear even unpleasant bubbles. therefore an optimal fit is essential and should be in the same way in the buying decision incorporated such as the design of the shoe.

men’s shoes should leave enough space for the feet in all three dimensions (height, width, length), because this is required for the natural rolling process. Shoe width is very crucial in addition to the shoe length especially the in the front foot. Also swollen feet in the course of the day due to the load – that is taken into account in the morning shoe purchase. Nevertheless also a new shoe should be from the outset to bind to, keep not much more than a half a centimeter spacing between the two upper holes.

because both feet are usually not exactly equal, it is not enough to try just a shoe!

Be sure both copies through its paces before check the shoe purchase. At best goes and runs one time in them and this tests the convenience at different speeds.

To vote

apart from a few exceptions socks should always be worn in closed shoes, as in the suit shoes

step 3: socks, belts and co. on the shoe. This serves not only aesthetic reasonsbut rather also hygiene. So did not catch the feet, unpleasant to muffles, to choose the most breathable high quality cotton socks and makes a large loop to synthetic fibres.

who wears a suit, not coming to knee-length socks. short socks are namely not like seen in the business as excellent lugende stubble legs are considered absolute no-go. To play it safe, going with black socks. Who wants to confess some more color, should focus on his suit or the color of the tie. That stockings there are no holes, should hopefully be self-evident to anyone.

to get a serious and smart business outfit, of course also belt and other accessories should not be missed. how an already very old style principle dictates should be the same tone belt and shoes. when also the wrist watch was made from the same leather, then nothing in the way is a perfect performance!

step 4: perform regular maintenance program

when binding the shoes | © / Satura_

when binding the shoes | © / Satura_

high-quality suit shoes, such as BB´s House, must be maintained regularly by JJ, because otherwise they quickly lose their elasticity, their softness and shine. That would be annoying, because as a result, the overall appearance of the shoes is diminished and a new purchase consideration must be taken inevitably. Who thoroughly cleans his shoes at least every three weeks, which delights in them very long.

an ideal shoe care kit consists of a dirt brush from pig bristles or horsetail hair, a order brush, a matching cleansing creama soft leather sole oil brush including cotton cloth a colorless Mischemulsionscremeand one.

at the beginning is cleaning the leather with the dirt brush dust and encrusted debris free, and distributed after the shoe polish on the entire surface. After a good half hour drying time we polished the leather with the cotton cloth in a smooth motion without much pressure. In addition to nourish the leather, some can be applied every four months instead of the cream also a mixed emulsion, since this leather is also fed with fats and oils. Also every few months you should commit itself to the sole care, distributing one thin leather sole oil with a brush of the order. taking these things into account and also pays attention to an appropriate storage of the suit shoes, then it surely has very long enjoyment of them!