doctors without borders suggests the organisation alarm: the largest Ebola epidemic that has ever been in the country, and she’s out of control is raging in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

before seven months in the Republic of Congo the plague broke out. So far, there have been more than 900 cases, and 600 people have already died. The disease is out of control and 40 percent of those infected have died since the beginning of 2019.

already 600 people died in the latest Ebola epidemic, and the epidemic is no longer under control. (Image: SYDA productions/

problem suspicion

according to the doctors without borders the main problem is the mistrust. Medical resources have been comprehensively to combat Ebola, for example through vaccination. But a lot of people distrust these strategies, not come in treatment centres and die at home to die of the disease, so the charity.

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problem violence

just last week the doctors without borders had to stop their work in the most affected areas of Katwa and Butambo in North Kivu, after they were attacked with violence. In February, there were dozens of security incidents around the Ebola-fighting.

what are the causes of the problems?

in the Ebola region much money flows to combat the epidemic. In the area of violence is imbued, neglected, and lack basic health care. Generally, the locals do not trust government programs.

conspiracy theories are rife

conspiracy delusion. The elections in the country were officially postponed due to the outbreak of the epidemic, and that has the rumor, the action against Ebola can be pushed forward to control the population. Police and military have forced people to take part in the measures – and this also discourages the locals.

are asking what the doctors without borders?

the organization calls for an end to the violence first. No pressure should be exercised, to find patients and to decontaminate houses. Then sufferers and their families would have to be included in the treatment of disease. Thirdly, more vaccines available would have to stand so that more people against Ebola could be vaccinated.

fears seriously

Ebola trigger anxiety and lead to the isolation of patients, their families and the health personnel. Dealing with the disease should Center themselves on the patients and involve the communities.

Ebola spreads


Ebola is a virus. It is highly contagious and through body fluids: semen, urine, feces, saliva or vomit. It does not transmit through the air like other plagues and spreads are therefore not as fast as for example in their time the Spanish flu.

to deadly, to spread out quickly

others can be connected only, if the symptoms show up. Then the State of concerned deteriorated very quickly and half of those infected die.

Ebola can be

located in the conflict area generally well contained and the previous epidemics were to slow. This time it’s different, because the epidemic now in a combat zone. In the province of North Kivu smouldering conflicts over lands and resources, which is again open to erupt. Alone to the town of Beni, a thousand or more civilians were victims of murder and manslaughter in the last five years, more than 250,000 have been displaced. (Dr. UTZ Anhalt)