study examined the effect of chewing gum on our weight

can help gum chewing in a diet? Many believe that chewing gum can stop the cravings and fake a kind of digestion the body through the process of chewing. Just that assumption proved a myth. Two studies showed that gum chewing can help not in losing weight and is even counterproductive.

two scientific studies showed that while chewing reduce the number of the total meals a day, the intake of total calories is almost unchanged.

can chewing gum help to get rid of ear pressure. But can they also help weight loss? A study says no. (Image: nyul/

chewing gum unfold even a tangible negative effect: “Chewing gum reduce the consumption of fruit,” according to the researchers of the University of Buffalo in the Science magazine “Eating Behaviors”.

the researchers conducted a validation study to examine the short and long effects of gum chewing. During the study, 44 male and female volunteers in the laboratory chewed chewing gum with different flavors. A second group took the meals as a review group without previous chewing gum.

calorie intake remained always equal to

the total calorie intake remained last in comparison to eating meals without chewing in all subjects. It was also “that the flavors had no influence on eating high-calorie foods”. The result showed that the amount of consumption of fruit mini chewing gum significantly reduced. “It could be that are reinforced by the Mint bitter ingredients or less sweeter taste”, so the research team.

in a second study, a total of 54 subjects carried out two times a week every meal chew a chewing gum. Study participants could choose between two types of chewing gum. The size of the meal was do not care. The first plant variety containing Guarana and green tea extracts. The second type of chewing gum in same optical looked, contained but no significant ingredients. Both types of chewing gum were offset but without sugar and Spearmint-flavoured with sugar substitutes. Also “that the caloric intake is not a total decreased, but the Obstkonsum with the most participants declined” turned out.

during gum chewing less fruit was eaten

for comparison, all participants undertook two gum-free weeks, each lying between the weeks of chewing gum. It was however noticeable that the participants took during the chewing gum weeks less snacks, but made the calorie loss again betting at the main meals. So it was, that the calorie intake was roughly the same as in the chewing gum-free weeks. “No test week, the participants have lost weight. Chewing gum unsuitable for a diet very likely.” Showed in addition that gum chewing has also a negative impact on a healthy diet. Overall, the subjects ate less fruit. Both studies are published in the eating behaviors. (sb)