products to reduce blood pressure must be from the market be taken

the Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co. Genericar KG again recalls medical device to lower blood pressure because they contaminated were. The pollution is substances which can be carcinogenic according to data of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices.

once again now known as blood pressure medicines be recalled from the market, because they contain substances which can be carcinogenic, according to the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM). According to the manufacturer on its website is aware that there is an increased value of pollution of N-nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid (NMBA) in different batches with active ingredient Losartan. Even a simultaneous contamination by N-Nitrosodiethylamin (FERMILAB) and NMBA should have occurred in some production batches. That recall the products was the 07.03.2019 of pharmaceutical newspaper published German apothecary newspaper and corresponding media.

high blood pressure is widespread and threatens the health of those affected. Some medications to lower blood pressure were now recalled from the market because they might contain carcinogenic substances. (Image:

these products are affected

the products are just in case withdrawn from the market, to prevent adverse health effects for users. Following batches are specifically affected by the recall. All batches of Losartan comp. Heumann 98, 28 and 56 film-coated tablets, 100 mg / 12.5 mg film-coated tablets, all lots beginning with the letters B and C by Losartan comp. Heumann 100 mg / 25 mg film-coated tablets, 98, 28 and 56 film-coated tablets.

medicines should be removed

customers without consultation, medicines should now but don’t settle without consulting with a physician which take advantage of the above mentioned products to lower their blood pressure, the manufacturer warns. The resulting health risk is higher than the potential risk posed by the existing pollution several times.

according to the manufacturer there is no acute patient risk. For further therapy, a doctor should be consulted as a result, the manufacturer adds on its homepage. (as)