the Geneva Motor Show has always been better known for, throw superlatives around. Even larger SUVs, still faster sports cars… This year however a different picture is emerging on the auto show, that suspicious future acts: many manufacturers have in thought made up, how we as environmentally friendly and functional can move into urban areas.

the Fiat Centoventi at the Geneva car show / credits: By Alexander Migl – own workCC BY-SA 4.0, link

even the SUVs are small!

runs until March 17 of this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which brings its own special, unusual highlights with: the small electric cars were quite unexpectedly rather at the Center! At the same time it struck that even the SUVs will gradually shrink, clearly visible returns a new rationality. Exhibitors look more sure now what is affordable for the average consumer, good for our air and take away as little space. There is a conspicuous glut of electric cars, almost every manufacturer conjures up something new, Alltagstaugliches out of the hat in this area. Customers and dealers will be optimistic and enthusiastic, the new concepts are overall well received.

Citroen and Honda with their fleet E dwarfs

of AMI of one of Citroën visually stands out from the crowd. He runs naturally electrically, creates 100 kilometers with a charge and goes fast with not more than 45 km/h. A pure city car so, on the way to work, or just time to visit friends. There will not be probably the dwarf for individuals to buy, but he treats herself to a life as a rental and sharing vehicle according to its producers. The Honda urban E made his grand entrance in form of a study, but will next year to conquer the market. He has cameras instead of mirrors.

Fiat, Share2Drive and seat create powerful in that stuff

Fiat scores with his cute Centoventi which is to replace the Panda. The modular design allows each buyer individually to assemble his dream car. The price shall be supposedly moderate. The Aachen-based start-up Share2Drive has also designed a small electric car, nice named Sven. It measures proud 2.50 metres in length and has a range of 140 kilometres. Its sliding door allows a trouble-free and get out also in narrower places. The Minimo of seat tops all competitors, because he is the smallest of the mini-cars. Who wants to see more, just the following video is looking.

current video report from the Geneva Motor Show


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