water is and remains a human right, because even the greed of large corporations can change nothing. Refill Germany respect this fact by the organization encourages to provide free tap water to drink in all Germany. Who stroll through the town and sees this label anywhere, who can whip out of his bottle ever.

takes care of these stickers! / Photo: Copyright refill Germany (press material)

calls participatory action refill Germany until to the 20th March 2019

on 22 March, the nationwide “day of the Refill”, because this day is an official world water day. So you can make with: go until March 20 to one of many refill stations with the mentioned labels, your packed jar fills up and shoots a photo of you that like crazy and must be creative. Then sends your image to refill Germany.  The Organization will then post the 3 best photos on their pages to inspire even more people for this simple but effective project. Alone in Celle and surroundings you will find 35 refill stations, and in other places, the concept has established itself. You know but still not quite what it is, because you’re still knocked on refill? Then we have a statement for you.

so let’s go!

anyone who feels called upon to do so, can on his door or install a refill sticker on the window. In the inner-city shops and restaurants decide the practice most frequently, but also ordinary private individuals are not excluded. Now anyone who is just nearby and has an empty drinking vessel, should go in this new refill station “tap water”. Non-returnable bottles and cups come here but to the course, because also the waste prevention is the focus of refill. Glasses of any kind are a problem, and if it’s jars.

the other way around: If your traveling even more thirst than expected you and your bottle is empty until the very last drop, you must pay a penny for the filling in a refill station. The interactive map on the website of refill Germany, which below can be found in the byline, points the way. She is constantly so that at some point hopefully throughout Germany in refill-blue exudes.

source: refilldeutschland.de

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