cons by a permanent daylight saving time?

already the transition between summer and winter time is to be abolished in the near future. Presumably, this frühstens will happen in 2021 because several EU countries need more time to prepare this transition. Some experts fear the negative impact on the health of our children through such a transition.

in the year 2018, there was an online survey of the European Union, which revealed that a majority of over 80 per cent of the total 4.6 million participants called for an abolition of the DST. Actually, it was planned by the Commission to implement the abolition of the clock change already in the year 2019. The Member States need still more time for such a transition.

will there be no continuous time transition between winter and summer time soon? (Picture: Thomas Reimer – fotolia)

when is the permanent time shift to summer time take place?

apparently the end of the current time changeover can be implemented until now in the year 2021. This time, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels had agreed on Monday with 23 votes in favour and 11 votes against it. A vote in the European Parliament now is planned in the next few weeks, then still the individual EU States must confirm the plans. In the European Parliament a clear majority for the abolition of the clock change looming according to the CDU MEPs Peter Liese at the time. Nevertheless, it is still unknown for the appointment, members will vote. The Commission advocates the year 2019. The Parliament prefers the year 2020 and the Transport Committee seems to argue for the year 2021.

countries can themselves decide which time zone they want to stay

yet lack coordination between the EU leads to problems. The EU Commission’s plan envisages that each country can decide in what time zone it want to stay permanently. This would allow that, for example, Germany meets a different decision than do people in France. What would cause that are both countries in different time zones.

more time is the Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee, Dieter-Lebrecht Koch of the CDU told the Bild Zeitung required

: “the Member States need more time to better prepare nutritious, to be able to coordinate with each other. Behind the goal to avoid a patchwork. For this reason we should also grant them this time and support the proposed compromise, although I would have preferred that we already this year have put an end to long waste rotate the clock .”

decisive vote late March?

probably the decisive vote by the European Parliament will be held probably the end of March. “In March or April’s goes directly to the vote in the plenary, so that the Parliament before the elections can conclude the first reading. The trialogue can then begin in the autumn. Thats a threesome-meeting between the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament”, the politician Michael Cramer reported by the Greens in the Bild Zeitung.

disadvantages for our children through the transition to daylight saving time?

of course, are not all people for a permanent switch to daylight saving time. For example, the German Association of teachers through such a transition feared health hazards for students. “Increases the likelihood for sleeping and learning problems, depression and diabetes has been proven solid”, President Heinz-Peter Meidinger said in Berlin on Tuesday. Further he spoke out for the Federal Government to prevent the potential introduction of permanent daylight saving time in Germany. While he pointed out, for example, increasing accident risks, because millions of students would have to overcome their morning school two months longer in absolute darkness. However, there are also the assumptions that threaten by the shift of the Biorhythm when the DST also increased accidents. (as)